Vertigo makes the case for American Vampire as the perfect gift

Vertigo’s Mark Doyle writes:

The holidays are here again and that’s cool, because you’re going to visit with family, party with friends and get lots of sweet presents (unless you were naughty, then it’s coal for you, punk).

But the holidays also SUCK because you have to go shopping and you’re like, “Aw, crap, what the hell am I going to get the people on my list THIS year?!”

Dad doesn’t need another tie. Mom doesn’t need another sweater. Let me make it easy for you: get everybody the new hardcover of AMERICAN VAMPIRE Vol. 1 by Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque and the horror-meister himself—Stephen King.

Seriously. Get it for everyone on your list because it’s got something for everyone! Let me show you:

American vampire is perfect for you GIRLFRIEND because you want to get her into comics, and AV has a kick-ass female protagonist

American Vampire is perfect for your BOYFRIEND because you want to get him into comics and this book has a literary pedigree with this talented team

American Vampire is perfect for GRANDPA because he’s older than a vampire!

American Vampire is perfect for DAD, because he loves westerns and Stephen King

American Vampire is perfect for MOM, because she loves a good romance, and Pearl and Henry are sexy!

American Vampire is perfect for LITTLE SIS, because she devoured all the Twilight books and she’s wondering–what’s next?

American Vampire is perfect for BIG BROTHER because its got LOTS of gory horror!

And AMERICAN VAMPIRE is perfect for YOU because you love comics, this is the hottest new title of 2010, and the hardcover is PACKED with extras!


So there you go, your holiday shopping horrors are over. You’re welcome.

-Mark Doyle

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Why American Vampire is the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list

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