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Supes Does Dallas

The 1966 Broadway musical, “It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane… It’s Superman” has been revived by The Dallas Theater Center.  The creators of the original musical, along with the Center’s theater director Kevin Moriarty, have stripped away the jokey veneer and have set their sites on competing with the upcoming “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” on […]

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Rude Britannia Looks at 300 Years of British Comic Art

This Wednesday, “Rude Britannia” opens at London’s Tate Britain museum. The museum will showcase British Comic Art from the 1600s to today. The Exhibit is broken into six sections: British Comic Art, Social Satire and the Grotesque, Politics, The Bawdy, The Worship of Bacchus, The Absurd. The show runs through September 5.

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Charles Addams Beckons Art Lovers

Charles Addams Beckons Art Lovers

The Museum Of The City Of New York has mounted an exhibition of its large collection of Charles Addams cartoons. Addams, who died in 1988, was a long time New Yorker cartoonist, who’s work inspired the sixties television show THE ADDAMS FAMILY. A review in the NEW YORK TIMES warns us that “Addams, in his […]

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WAAK! Uncle Scrooge Tarred And Feathered

WAAK! Uncle Scrooge Tarred And Feathered

Fine artists have a long history of appropriating imagery and characters from comics. The latest showing at New York City’s Armory provides an interesting example aimed right at the capitalists who created the current economic situation. Sculptor Sven’t Jollet has mounted a life size sculpture of SCROOGE McDUCK on a I-beam. The venerable ultra-rich uncle […]

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