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Study Says iPad Owners “Selfish Elite”

The phenomenal sales of Apple’s iPad have not been generated by the usual early adaptors; the geeks.  Instead the device has been embraced by a well healed class of consumers that marketing experts call the “Selfish Elite”. iPad Daily is reporting: Selfish Elite may have been an inflammatory choice of words, but this group of […]

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Cartoon Criticism of iPhone

Cartoon Criticism of iPhone May Cost Best Buy Employee His Job

A suspended-and-possibly-soon-to-be-fired Best Buy employee may lose his job over a funny and foul-mouthed cartoon posted on YouTube which mocks the new iPhone and the cult of Apple.

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WOWIO Launches Redesigned Site

WOWIO has launched a newly redesigned version of their website at

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Zuda Comics

DC Shuts Down

DC Comics has closed the digital doors of their online comics initiative Zuda Comics. The move coincides with last week’s announcement of mainline DC’s digital delivery plans.

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Roll Up For The Magical E-Reader

With Apple reporting over three million iPads sold in three months, and DC and Marvel offering major app comics initiatives, it appears as if the digital age of comics has arrived.  But futurists are predicting a quickly evolving technological environment that will lower the costs of e-readers dramatically and even morph the devices into the […]

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DC Goes Digital

DC Jumps Into Digital Publishing

Including an affiliate program for comics retailers, DC has partnered with Comixology and Playstation®network Digital Comics to bring their comics to eReaders including the iPhone and iPad.

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New fairy tale app for iPad

New Illustrated eBook Brings More Magic to the iPad

A new, animated and interactive take on some timeless children’s classics looks to be the most elaborate use of the iPad’s controls to date. Gizmodo and Huffington Post are raving about the trailer which is either the future of literature or simply the latest, high-tech pop-up book.

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Art from launches

Paul Chadwick tells us: “After years of being only a placeholder, is finally up today. With the usual writings, galleries, etc., it has the full contents of Eisner-and-Reuben winner Concrete: The Human Dilemma up in a nifty scrollable, horizontal format.” Web site:

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Boom! Studios

Digital Comics Go Boom!

Boom! Studios announces digital distribution roll out. Complete Boom! Studios backlist to be available by the end of Summer 2010.

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The "Retro-reflective Projection Technology, Optical Camouflage" cloak from TachiLab

Manga-Inspired Tech Show Opens in Japan

“Invisibility cloaks,” robot servants and a single-seat helicopter are just a few of the high-tech innovations on display in Japan’s “DORAEMON’s Scientific Future” exhibition. The manga DORAEMON, about an earless, robotic, time-traveling cat is the inspiration for the exhibition and a good way for the organizers to attract the next generation of young, future inventors […]

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