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Wrapping up RASL #14

It’s crunch time. I’m finishing up the inks on RASL #14 so we can send it out next week. That means I’m stocking up on Pellegrino, turkey slices, and jalapenos (my munchies of choice!), so I can power through the next couple of days. This is the second to last issue, so a lot story threads are starting to come together – – that’s why you see so many older issues of RASL strewn around my desk for reference.

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A really fun interview with Jeff!

Jeff recently was interviewed by the guys Scott, Oliver and Rambo over on Fanboy radio.

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Hand painting the original BONE art in the SPECIAL EDITION BOXED SET

Hand painting the original BONE art in the SPECIAL EDITION BOXED SET

Yesterday we posted the video of Jeff inking the original art that will be in the 50 SPECIAL EDITION Boxed Sets. As of this writing, there are only 12 left. As promised yesterday, here’s Steve painting with watercolors. I think we found a new instructor for a PBS show and how to paint happy little trees!

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Charity Auction includes BONE original Art

. Jeff, along with eleven other outstanding children’s illustrators, have created their artistic interpretation for Scholastic’s global literacy campaign — Read Every Day. Lead A Better Life.

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Bone 2010 Signature Holiday sale!

Happy Holidays Everyone! It’s that time of year again, and the boneville store is having another signature sale! You can pick from 3 different covers of the HUGE One Volume Edition, and Jeff will sign them for you! Makes a great gift for that someone special on your list! You can click here to take you to the store.

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Starred review in PW

RASl Pocket Book Vol. 1 received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. This is great news since we are just rolling out the pocket version for a wide release this month. The pocket book, a smaller collection that contains the first seven issues of RASL, is designed to be more reader friendly; easier to hold and with so many chapters in one book, more of satisfying story. The pocket book has been available in the comic book Direct Market since July, but will be on bookstore shelves across the land and on Amazon starting Nov. 1! RASL Pocket Book One, 232 pgs. “… a stunning visual narrative that impresses with its originality, sophistication, and complexity.” You can read the whole review here.

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