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Real Life Super Heroes Get Organized

While comic book fandom loves to read the occasional news item about real people putting on costumes and fighting crime, the reality is that the movement is growing (and getting organized). The Real Life Super Heroes Project offers news, community and products geared to the needs of street vigilantes. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, a group calling […]

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Superheroes Get Plastered For Charity

The Fourth Annual Superhero Crawl bellies up to over twenty bars in Reno Nevada tonight. The event, organized the the Drunken Justice League, is expected to draw scores of participants decked out in superhero togs, and raise money for Crowd favorites include The Ambiguously Gay Duo, Doc Octo-Mom, Male Drag Wonder Woman, Bluntman & Chronic, […]

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Cops Crack Down On Superheroes

Across the country, police are rounding up superheroes. Hollywood and Tampa saw busts of street performers dressed as Batman, while the Hollywood sweep nailed Spider-Man, Cat Woman and at least a dozen others. CNN is reporting: The sweep began Friday night when police handcuffed actors dressed as Donald Duck, Cat Woman, Freddy Krueger, Mr. Incredible, […]

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Kids Just Want To Have Fangs

Kids Just Want To Have Fangs

Schools in Texas appear to be quite content with the fangs, yellow contact lenses, leashes and furry tails students are sporting these days. The werewolf cosplay is widespread in the state and seems to have grown out of teenagers’ devotion to films like Twilight and The Wolfman. The SUN is reporting: Education chiefs in Texas […]

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Columbia’s Super Candidate Defeated!

While last week’s polls indicated that Antanas Mockus, a candidate who dressed up in a superhero costume, might win Columbia’s presidential election, voters failed to materialize for the philosopher mathematician mayor of Bogata. The Financial Times is reporting: Psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains the result. Yes, went the thinking, Mr Mockus might make […]

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