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Remembering Al Williamson

It has been a year since I received the news that my fiend and one time mentor Al Williamson passed away, just a month after his long time friend Frank Frazetta also passed on, shifted into another reality.

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Frazetta's White Indian

Vanguard to Collect Frazetta’s White Indian 

Vanguard will be collecting Frank Frazetta’s Dan Brand/White Indian comics work in full color editions as part of an exclusive publishing agreement authorized by the Hall of Fame illustrator, Frank Frazetta.

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Frazetta Cover Sells for $380,000

Heritage Co-Founder Jim Halperin purchases 1955 EC Weird Science-Fantasy #29 cover from Frazetta family for $380,000

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Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta Passes Away at 82

Legendary painter and comic book artist Frank Frazetta, whose work redefined the fantasy art genre for decades, died of a stroke this afternoon at a hospital near his home in Boca Grande, FL. He was 82. Frazetta, in failing health in recent years after an untreated thyroid condition and a series of strokes that forced […]

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Frazetta Family Buries Hatchet

A two day federal mediation has resulted in an agreement by members of the Frazetta family that they say resolves all litigation related to future control patriarch Frank Frazetta’s $20 million collection of art. The agreement will result in trademark infringement lawsuit against Frank Frazetta Jr. to be dropped. In addition, Frank Frazetta senior will […]

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Frazetta Family Threatened

A new wrinkle in the Frazetta family dispute, involving threats and demands from someone identifying themselves as “James L.” has resulted in a police report.  “James L.” claims to have been hired by Frank Frazetta Jr as a business manager and warns the other family members “I will take you down.” The Pocono Record is […]

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Frank Frazetta Signs With Vanguard Productions

Frank Frazetta Signs With Vanguard Productions

Legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta and acclaimed publisher Vanguard Productions announce a new publishing relationship. Frank Frazetta said, “We’ve known Vanguard publisher J. David Spurlock for many years. Vanguard publishes the very best! I’ve enjoyed their books on Hal Foster, Al Williamson, Jeffrey Jones, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Basil Gogos, Carmine Infantino and more. David […]

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