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Be On the Next Love and Capes Print

Be On the Next Love and Capes Print

Just a few days until I head off to the New York Comic-Con, and then Mid-Ohio-Con shortly thereafter. And then my last show of the year, the Long Beach Comic Con .

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Bride of Sketchapalooza

The last wave of my commission madness. Now’s a great time to remind you, too, that I’ve got three shows this October: New York Comic Con (where I’ll be set up with the Comic Book Diner guys), Mid-Ohio-Con, and Long Beach Comic Con.

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Baltimore, Toronto and Atlanta Con Prints

If you’ve been following my tweets and Facebook posts, you know I’ve very much been on the move.

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Miami Prints and San Diego Shirts

Miami Prints and San Diego Shirts

I’m back from Miami, and that was a Michael Westonish adventure, let me tell you.

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Order Love and Capes: Ever After #5

wanted to remind you all that Love and Capes: Ever After #5 is available for preorder in Previews right now. It’s the last issue of this miniseries, and someone’s not making it out.

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The Best Tea-Drinking Comic Out There

Progress continues on the penultimate issue of the new Love and Capes: Ever After miniseries. I’m a third of the way finished with it, and hopefully I’ll be hitting a nice little stride soon and going even faster. As you might be able to tell by the image, Abby and Zoe’s relationship has changed a little bit, especially since the first issues. I’m proud of the arc of Amazonia’s story, and think it’s one of the best, and frequently overlooked, aspects of the book. They’re less oil-and-water than they used to be, but they still don’t completely get along either. And it’s always fun to write.

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Every Time You Call My Name, I Heat Up Like a Burning Flame

I know you haven’t even seen the first issue yet, but I’m well into the fourth issue of my five-issue IDW Love and Capes series. I thought I’d share the cover for #4. The covers are often the hardest part. I treat them like one-panel gags that don’t need to have anything to do with the story inside. Sometimes they do, of course, but I don’t feel bound by that. They’re kind of like Betty and Veronica covers that way. Complicating things is that IDW and I are doing variant covers for each issue. My friend Chris Bailey, animation director of Hop, Alvin and the Chipmunks and way more than you can imagine is doing the alternate cover for this one.

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Comic Creator Alliance is Live!

Last year I was asked to participate in the Comics Creator Alliance, a project to raise money and awareness for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. I contributed some artwork and together with 80-plus creators, we raised $10,000. Lora Innes was the brain behind this, and she can speak much better about the cause than I can. So I encourage you to go to her weblog and read more , and find out how to participate and get some cool artwork done by some great artists (and me).

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Colonel Panic

Yesterday I was listening to the live streaming broadcast of MacBreakWeekly , one of my favorite podcasts that focuses on the Mac, iPhones and iPads. In the course of the show, they started talking about kernel panics (a fatal computer error that shuts results in a screen full of code) and contributor Merlin Mann started playing the homophone game asking “What does Colonel Panic look like? I always wanted to see that.” Suddenly, my Art Brain took over and I knew exactly what he’d look like. So I banged out a quick cartoon of the good Colonel and Twittered the link to the show host Leo Laporte and fellow comics fan Andy Ihnatko . Andy mentioned it at the end of the show, and they showed the Colonel on the live video stream. It was a lot of fun to do. It was a nice mental cup of espresso to clear the head and focus the mind on the rest of my day. So, since they mentioned it online, I thought I post it here for anyone checking me out. Hope you like it!

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