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First Look: INCREDIBLE HULK #8 – Stay Angry!

Marvel is proud to present your first look at, Incredible Hulk #8, from the fan-favorite team of Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon!

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Bucko! Hulko! Thunderboltso!

First, there’s a new BUCKO out today! BUCKOLINK And a couple of previews of tomorrow’s comics. Like the .1 issue of HULK… HULKLINK And Luke Cage and Dr. Strange go hunting for the newest Thunderbolt. THUNDERLINK That’s a week fulla comics from me, hope you like ‘em.

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Hulk Logo Study Update

Back in September I received an email from writer/artist Erik Larsen about my Hulk Logo Study part 2.

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Muckle Mannequins Hulk Out

“I believe when choosing a design for a consumer product like this, it is best to commit to one version or another to do it justice–either film or comic–not a blend,” Lokotsch said. “When tying the marketing into the movie campaign, it is even more paramount to mirror the look people are then exposed to via the film and its advertising.”

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First Look: Hulk and Thunderbolts

Yesterday we spoke to writer Jeff Parker about the upcoming events that will bring THUNDERBOLTS into the “Scorched Earth” storyline begun in the pages of HULK even as artist Ed McGuinness makes a very special return to that title with issue #30 for some off-the-wall action involving both Hulks, Xemnu the Titan, Woodgod, The Impossible Man and more.

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Marvel’s Tuesday Q&A with Jeff Parker

Readers really don’t have to be following HULK, but I’ve been quietly connecting the books for a while now. In a recent HULK, Bruce Banner contacted Fixer and Songbird at the Raft because he wanted to question The Leader, who is being held there. The Thunderbolts are going after a loose end from the “Scorched Earth” story, but we’ve implied that they’ve had to help with it earlier. Their original mission in the recent double-sized issue was supposed to be a Scorched Earth task, if you remember what Luke Cage was saying.

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HULK 28 Out Today

A-smashin’ on MONSTER ISLAND.

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Head over to the MTV blog where I’m asked good questions about what’s coming up in Hulk. And we talk a little Thunderbolts too. MTV INTERVIEW

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A New General in Town

Go look who is beginning the Hunt for Red Hulktober over at

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This is an action packed day, hope you enjoy.

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