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King of the Hill

Man, there should maybe be “Blog Title” police to drop fines on people who come up with overly cutesy subjects for their blog entries… if there was, I’d owe some money for this one.

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Joe Hill’s The Cape Coming in July!

A line has been crossed. After years of failure, Eric has finally found something he’s good at, and is determined to let the world know. The follow-up to December’s critically acclaimed, quickly sold-out one-shot, this new miniseries is again written by Jason Ciaramella and Joe Hill , with art by Zach Howard and Nelson Daniel .

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Clock and Key

Over at Joe Hill ‘s blog , he just posted Gabriel Rodriguez ‘s finished cover for the first issue of our next LOCKE & KEY arc, “CLOCKWORKS.” That one will start in June, after “KEYS TO THE KINGDOM” wraps its final two issues. So you’re getting an early look here, although we did play it sneaky and Photoshop out a couple spoilery characters from this image.

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The Week in IDW

Catching up on the start of the year: I missed a couple Fresh Ink episodes but Blair Butler once again had great things to say about LOCKE & KEY, in this case issue #3 of “Keys to the Kingdom .” And she also had very nice things to say about Joe Hill ‘s other comic that ended the year last year, THE CAPE one-shot . Also, with the TV pilot getting closer to shooting, LOCKE & KEY seems to be getting a new focus from some people who maybe missed it before.

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In Stores Today: Joe Hill’s The Cape

Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom takes a month break in December, but in its place is another Joe Hill extravaganza! This special one-shot takes Hill’s acclaimed short story from his best-selling short-story collection 20 th Century Ghosts and adapts it to comics! The Cape will walk you along the fence of childhood innocence, and then throw you face first into a brick wall.

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5 Reasons you will love The Cape

In December, we’ll be releasing a one-shot that will be the best thing you read all month. No, really — you can accuse me of being biased, which I am, but that doesn’t mean the statement is any less true.

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