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REBELUTION – A New Webcomic

REBELUTION – A New Webcomic

With so much activity around the web of late, it seemed like launching a webcomic is a natural extension of jumping around forums and advocating causes. REBELUTION is a new webcomic trying to put together a faint image of what being in comics is about.

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Ovie Mughelli is Making Comics

Ovie Mughelli is Making Comics

Michael Netzer posts: Pro Bowl fullback for the Atlanta Falcons, will be announcing his own comics property later this week. The project is being developed in conjunction with writer Clifford Meth ( Snaked from IDW) and artist Michael Netzer (Batman, Superboy, Web of Spider-Man). Mughelli, who had a breakout 2010 Pro Bowl season, signed a […]

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Armageddon Diplomacy

Considering the progressively progressive political atmosphere in the US and abroad, and the first step Superman took to reconcile his socio-political positioning on the world stage by announcing he’d renounce his US citizenship, one can’t help wonder where this idea is heading and what future ramifications it might hold for the Superheroes. Here’s a two page short depicting something we might well eventually see from DC Comics, perhaps in the not too distant future.

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Have Peace, Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones: 1944-2011 .

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More Valiant

As it could be when working with characters for the first time, it sometimes takes a little time to capture the feel of a character. The process with Prince Valiant in Jerusalem was a revealing one. At least with regards to perception of the work at the time it was being done. Top panel shows progress from original to the finished image below.

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Another Batman Sketch Commission

A recent comission by Michael Netzer.

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Commission Sketch: Batman

Michael Netzer has updated his blog with the following image.

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Commission | Black Canary

It’s actually a convention sketch that a fan paid for in 1978 at the San Diego Con. He wanted a sketch but I didn’t have time before having to take a flight, so he decided to pay for it anyway and I promised I’d mail it to him.

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Sam Argo Takes the Lead

Sam Argo, the thoughtful and talented Canadian artist/writer who posted a series on the state of the comics that was covered here previously , has just posted an in-depth interview on the campaign to save the comics.

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Complaint Lodged with the FTC Against DC and Marvel

The image above is a verification and case number for a complaint [Michael Netzer] just lodged online with the Federal Trade Commission against DC and Marvel Comics.

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