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Midwinter Night’s Dreams #16

Pen and Ink, 1994

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Meeting Promethea At The Station

I make a cameo in one of the Promethea Kaballah issues. Words by Alan Moore, art by J.H. Williams 111 and Mick Gray.

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Midsummer’s Dream Comix 23

Dream wiki: Airplanes

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Midsummer’s Dream Comix 18

Dream wiki: Dave Sim Jeff Smith

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Teen Angels Pick of the Week, Panel to Panel Discussion

Teen Angels & New Mutants: Rick Veitch’s Brat Pack and the Art, Karma, and Commerce of Killing Sidekicks is beginning to enjoy some online love.

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Strange Pencils

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First Review: Teen Angels…

Teen Talk Matt Kennedy Tears Into Teen Angels at Forces of Geek

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Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

Dream jazz. Pen and ink, 1995.

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King Hell Throne

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