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SPX Appearance

I leave tomorrow for the 2011 Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. I missed the last two, so I’m looking forward to reliving my old Fall ritual again (I used to go every year).

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This Week’s Cartoon: “Unplanned Parenthood”

As you may have heard, House Republicans are looking to solve our nation’s economic problems (not) by defunding Planned Parenthood.

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Travel comic in The Oregonian

Now it can be told: I have my first graphic travelogue appearing in Sunday’s Oregonian, filling a full newspaper page and a half in the travel section. But you can see it online now!

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Signed Slowpoke Books

…are now available in the Slowpoke Bookshop , just waiting to be personally-inscribed by moi , and shipped off via Priority Mail for the holidays. Whomever you give them to will love you forever. This concludes our public service announcement. Chuckles aplenty!

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This Week’s Cartoon: “Snack Gentrification”

In Seattle there’s a bakery called Cupcake Royale, which I suppose planted the seed for this cartoon. It seems the Pacific Northwest is positively exploding with artisinal doughnuts, hamburgers, etc. Not that I’m complaining, really. The trend of gourmet “lowbrow” food just strikes me as an interesting cultural phenomenon.

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This Week’s Cartoon: “New Product Warning Labels”

In case you missed the story about the new cigarette warnings, you can read about it here . This would be one of the good things that Democrats have done that no one knows about (Bush was threatening to veto any law giving the FDA power to regulate tobacco products). On the other hand, the Dems are on the verge of caving on extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy without putting up a fight.

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