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Veeps in the City!

That would be here in Portland, OR. Veeps author Bill Kelter is interviewed in the newest issue of the Portland Mercury , to be more accurate, courtesy of Alison Hallett. (Thanks Alison!) Bill talks a little about GOP Veep candidate Paul Ryan.

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You trusty bartender writing in after a crazy long spell. I still haven’t been entirely up-to-speed since the flood in my house back in the Spring. So yeah, here it is, ComicCon time and me not attending for the second year in a row.

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Staff Pick: Pterodactyl Hunters In The Gilded City

“Brendan Leach spins a remarkably powerful fantasy short story in the dinosaur-infested urban sprawl of the early 20th-century.”

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Eisner heads-up, people!

We might have gotten the shaft on nominations this year… whatevs. But future Top Shelfer Shannon Wheeler got a nom for his book I Thought You Would be Funnier (from Boom!), in the category Best Humor Publication. So get out there and vote!

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convention season is in bloom eh?

Convention season is in bloom eh?

In the rearview mirror already: WonderCon, STAPLE, Emerald City, C2E2, and one or two more(?). This weekend, MoCCA. Next weekend, Stumptown.

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oh man oh man oh man…

busy busy busy here at Top Shelf PDX Headquarters gearing up for our 2011 schedule. Dag-busted-darnit, i’m gonna try and get more bitchin’ developmental art, covers, and whatnot up on this blog. Starting now!, with a couple kick-ass cover sketches for Kagan McLeod ‘s forthcoming Infinite Kung-Fu collection. Feast on these!

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