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#597580 - 05/11/12 12:34 AM I'm about to start self-distributing.
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Any tips? Anybody have a shop and want to talk?
The Man of Mettle

#597685 - 05/12/12 09:29 PM Re: I'm about to start self-distributing. [Re: steel: A Long Departed Hero]
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I don't know how it is done, or really, if it can be done. Don Simpson tried it years ago. Dave Sim tried it with his phone book editions. I don't think that either of them achieved the success they had hoped for. I assume you are going to be distributing self published comics. Am I wrong there? Desperado Publications is a small company that distributes on the internet.
Jeez, granfalloon, that longer post above might be one of the most thoughtful, best written things I've ever read on Comicon.

#597687 - 05/12/12 11:23 PM Re: I'm about to start self-distributing. [Re: granfalloon]
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Probably you're already well aware of
but it's not too difficult or expensive to go through them and be listed with Like any POD publisher, print copies from them are on the expensive side. Some people do make money this way, not me though, at least not yet.

#600498 - 08/26/12 01:00 PM Re: I'm about to start self-distributing. [Re: MightyQuin]
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We've sold our books pretty much exclusively from our website (along with some cons and some comic shops that we've made specific deals with). Not going to be competing with Walking Dead numbers anytime soon but the books sell well enough (some better than others) and we also have total control every step of the way which is really nice.


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