Meet East Texas Vampires In Skybound’s Redneck [TRAILER]

by Staff

The Skybound imprint at Image Comics has announced a new vampire series set in Texas, East Texas to be exact, slated to arrive on April 19th, known as Redneck. Written by the innovative Donny Cates (God Country, Buzzkill, Paybacks, Interceptor) and drawn by Lisandro Estherren, with colors by Dee Cunliffe, the preview pages that have been released for Redneck are a visual treat conjuring a very specific mood and atmosphere.
The series’ editor, Jon Moisan, describes the comics as “the southern-fried story of the Bowmans. They’re your average family of vampires deep in the heart of Texas, just struggling to survive a world that would love to see them burn”. This interestingly follows on from Cates’ other currently running series God County, which also focuses on a family unit struggling against unusual circumstances, a solid choice as a great platform for drama.
Here’s the trailer for Redneck:

And here are the preview pages released so far:
Redneck01_Cover Redneck01 REDNECK001003

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