Home Time: Under The River – An 80’s And 90’s Fantasy Homage From Top Shelf In June

by Staff

Top Shelf are releasing a lavish 228 page original graphic novel from Australian artist Campbell Whyte this June, Home Time: Under the River. The story is told using different artistic styles for each chapter, and is steeped in the influence of fantasy culture the 80’s and 90’s, particularly Dungeons & Dragons and period video games.

Here’s the official description of Home Time: Under the River:
The last school bell has rung and it’s finally HOME TIME!
Even though they’re twins, Lilly and David don’t agree on much… except that the last summer before high school is the perfect time for relaxing with friends. But their plans for sleepovers, fantasy games, and romance are thrown out the window when the whole gang falls into a river and wakes up in a village of fantastic creatures. Hailed as magical spirits and attacked by lizards, these kids must find their way home — if they don’t throttle each other first.
And here’s a look at 7 pages of remarkable interior art:

Home Time: Under the River is currently being advance solicited for June. Here are its ISBN number and order number in Previews: ISBN 978-1-60309-412-2 – Diamond: FEB170448

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