Not Every Riverdale Character Is Getting A Comic-Show Comparison – Episode 4 Shows Why

by Staff

The Riverdale Twitter account has been putting up comparisons between the comic book versions of major characters and the actors on the show Riverdale in their corresponding roles. There is at least one conspicuous absence in this comparison game, an absence that may be explained by the trailer for Episode 4: “The Last Picture Show” airing this week.
For instance Riverdale has put up a comics comparison for Archie, though in this case I think they sculpted his hair to look more comic-like since in the show it is usually not so combed down:

But also Jughead,

And Josie,


And Veronica,

But the real focus on character in Episode 4, “The Last Picture Show” airing this week on Thursday, February 16th, is Ms. Grundy. It’s already been revealed in teasers that she is clearly not what she seems to be, and so the murder mystery of Jason Blossom becomes a double mystery unless, of course, the two are related. But if you’ve watched any procedural detective TV (and how could you not in this day and age) you’ll know that early on in a mystery show, there are usually several red herrings or blind alleys–mysteries that get pulled up into the light of day as people start shaking things up in a town with a lot of secrets.
As is already apparent, Riverdale has taken a rather staid character from the comics and transformed her into a cougar (well perhaps she’s more youthful than that) who’s in an amorous relationship with an under-aged student, a terrible enough secret for a town like Riverdale. But appearances may be deceiving. As we see in the trailer below, the character we know as Ms. Grundy may not be the real Ms. Grundy at all. Which explains why she hasn’t been featured in the comics comparison tweets by Riverdale!
Here’s our trailer for Episode 4:

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