Black Mask Studios To Publish Calexit, A California Secession From ‘Autocratic President’

by Staff

As announced by the Washington Post today, indie and LA-based publisher Black Mask Studios, known for their envelope-pushing and socially progressive comics, will be publishing a new series, Calexit, depicting a secession of California in rejecting from the rule of an “autocratic president”. Most famously, a similar phrase, Brexit, has been used to refer to the “exit” of Britain from the European Union.

Written by the Matteo Pizzolo and drawn by Amancay Nahuelpan, the series draws its premise from real life where some of the largest protests in the country against the current presidency have been staged in LA. However, the comic will also focus on conflict within this secession, it seems.
Talking to the Washington Post, Pizzolo said:

California is enormously diverse. It’s a blue state, population-wise, but there are huge swathes of red country.  There is cultural conflict between the metropolitan cities and the rural regions and exurbs, but they’re all interdependent. L.A. can’t survive without central California agriculture, and vice versa.

We can expect a wide range of characters and interests in the comic, according to the announcement, including a smuggler named Jamil and Zora, and a “Pacific Coast Sister Cities Resistance” leader. But the comic will also contain “non-fiction” content in each issue, apparently, including information about “such political aspects as grassroots campaigning for the 2018 elections”.
For a bigger reveal of interior and concept art, check out the announcement article over at The Washington Post.
The Calexit series will arrive in May 2017.

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