All The Swag From Emerald City Comic Con – Valiant, Funko, Dark Horse, Fantagraphics And More

by Staff

It’s time for the official swag shot of following four continuously interesting and exhausting days at Emerald City Comic Con. We’ll be putting up a round up of links from the show once all our coverage has run, but for now.
Here’s the intitial shot:

Right, let’s break that down a little. In the center we have two t-shirts. One is the “legacy” black Emerald City Con 2017, which I believe people collect from year to year, but I was simply a fan of the classic looking design.
Above it is another t-shirt in red, and this one is from Valiant Comics. Their upcoming summer event Secret Weapons is written by Eric Heisserer (writer of Oscar-nominated “Arrival”), featuring the character Livewire (pictured on the t-shirt) as she tracks down a bunch of oddly-powered psiot kids to rescue them from the reject pile and a really unpleasant life in one of Harada’s facilities. In fact, to the left of the t-shirt, you’ll see a rather cool Secret Weapons poster signed by writer Eric Heisserer himself.

There’s a close-up above. That’s a very writerly signature, Mr. Heisserer. Next to the poster you’ll see a preview of the upcoming line of Insight Editions comics, which I think won’t be long in arriving now.

Here above we have a double-signed variant cover of Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins new Boom! Studios comic series Grass Kings, which I am really looking forward to reading. That’s an amazing artistic combination for any reader to pick up. Next to that on the right, we have a Jason David Frank-signed copy of Komandar Bloodshot, which is probably my favorite one-shot in the Valiant Stalinverse event currently going on. I’m also looking forward to the live action digital series Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe where Frank as Bloodshot features prominently and he is quite simply, awesome. There’s a Dark Heron coaster thrown in here for good measure, a brew created specifically for ECCC.

Switching over to the other side, to the right, we have a very angry Godzilla Pusheen which is probably now my patronus. I mean it’s angry and it’s Pusheen. Showing this around artist’s alley at ECCC got a lot of approving reactions. There’s an Arrow POP pin that Funko gave out for free at their booth, a set of Dark Horse colored pencils to promote their line of adult coloring books, a random artful coaster, an ashcan of the fabulous AMERICAN GODS comic coming out soon from Dark Horse. I put that in caps because AMERICAN GODS is coming. Maybe watch the show, too.
Oh, wait, then there’s the actual Funko exclusives which are probably why you’re reading this article. So, Funko actually opened their booth around 1pm each day to the public as non-ticketed access, which was great, and though the really super popular items were sold out by then, about half were still available. Here we see the Funko Dorbz ride featuring Gazoo in a Flying Saucer from The Flintstones cartoon. Next to him we see the return of an older Funko line called “Spastik Plastik“. This was a short-lived art design line that has now been resurrected. If you collect any art-lines of Disney Dunnys, this has a similar vibe. These were my top choices, though if my luggage space wasn’t in question I probably would’ve gotten many more because the green color theme of the ECCC exclusives really appeals to me.

To show off a couple more comics-related things, see below:

In the top corner we have two books from Fantagraphics I picked up at their booth–firstly the debut of Josh Bayer’s All Time Comics coming out in single issues and ripping into the superhero tradition in very interesting ways. I highly recommend it. Next to it a surreal and psychedelic little book that renders visual some of the teachings of Madame Blavatsky (I know, right?) which was too strange and beautiful not to take with me. It’s called What Parsifal Saw, and it’s by Ron Rege Jr.

Lastly, we have several small catalogues from First Second, who were at ECCC for the very first time and most likely found themselves right at home. Many of their creators were probably in the enormously gigantic Artist’s Alley upstairs. Looking forward to perusing these, maybe on the plane on the way home. Also, “Sheldon” gave me a leaflet about his comic. Good for Sheldon for handing these out at the show. As you can see, he’s
And that’s the swag, folks. This is actually a lot to fit in cases on planes, so I’ll be trying to sneak in with double hand luggage on my night flight out of wonderful Seattle. I attended ECCC last year, and enjoyed it, but this year was really something special. Thanks to all the folks who hung out with me in what is one of the most sociable shows I’ve ever been to.

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