Hearing A Little More About Funko And Their Exclusives At ECCC

by Staff

Watching Funko talking about collectibles for 2017 at Emerald City Comic Con on the Twitch Livestream stage was a trip. For a collector like me, it’s interesting to see live Funko presentations at a convention, which are a relatively recent development for the absolutely massively popular vinyl collectibles manufacturer.

Cameron Deuel and Yoko McCann represented Funko on stage. Going through the ECCC exclusives, they commented on the mass of greenness, very fresh for spring, and matching the theme of the show.
Talking about Dorbz, they described them as suited to a different kind of collector, perhaps, since they are size-wise easier to collect, particularly when taken out of the box.
They commented on the status of Barb from the ECCC Stranger Things set featuring Barb and Eleven. Is she dead? Justice for Barb. The Barb in the set is looking a little worse for wear.

There was a Hanna Barbera focus in the early days of POPs and these current Dorz Rides featuring them are coming full circle.
The return of “Spastik Plastik”, a line of art designed toys, is featured in exclusives this con, and Funko are happy to bring back a line close to their heart, they said.

Regarding backstory for Funko, they started with nostalgia products with Wacky Wobblers. Pops debuted in 2010 and things skyrocketed after that. They are moving into new buildings in Everett, Washington soon, which they are excited about.
The growth the company has snowballed, Funko said, and now they have hundreds of different licenses. Marvel, DC, Disney, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and more.
They just launched a new subscription box service “Disney Treasures”. The first box contains the Pirate Captain and Wicked Wench Dorbz Ride, and a Smee Pop, since they are “looking for the not as mainstream characters” but those which will be exciting hardcore Disney fans.

Asked how the designers pick what to work on, Funko said there’s a lot of communication with the licensors, then they develop and go back and forth. Hipster Cthulu was a result of that playful back and forth, for instance.
Cameron and Yoko have their own huge collections, especially Batgirl and Squirrel Girl, they said.
There really were a good number of exclusives for Emerald City Comic Con, and the Funko booth would open to public around 1PM each day, not requiring ticketed lotteries to get in. At that point, there were often still a number of exclusives available. For those who have been to NYCC or SDCC in search of Funko exclusives, you’ll know that booth access and non-ticketed sales were a big deal for fans and made a lot of folks very happy at ECCC.

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