A Young Jean Grey Seeks Marvel Hero Mentors In Her Solo Series – Take A First Look

by Staff

When our solo series for Jean Grey arrives in May, we’ll be following her struggles to avoid the return of the Dark Phoenix, according to Marvel. Written by Dennis Hopeless (All-New X-Men, X-Men: Season One) and drawn by Victor Ibanez (Extraordinary X-Men, Storm), the series has a bright, poppy feel, but a darker undercurrent for Jean who’s struggling with visions of the fate that may await her.
Sure of one thing, that’s she’s not ready to face the struggle with the Dark Phoenix inside her, Jean decides to go in search of training from heroes and teachers across the Marvel Universe. It’s seems like an inevitable cycle of death and rebirth facing her, but she has to try to change her own future.
Covers on #1 are by David Yardin, Stephanie Hans and Marguerite Sauvage, Leonard Kirk, Shawn Crystal, Dave Cockrum, and Dave Williams:

Here’s a look at the interior art on Jean Grey #1, arriving May 3rd:

The order information for Jean Grey #1:
JEAN GREY #1 (MAR170958), Cover by DAVID YARDIN
Variant Cover by STEPHANIE HANS (MAR170962) and MARGUERITE SAUVAGE (MAR170961)
Corner Box Variant by LEONARD KIRK (MAR170960)
Hip-Hop Variant by SHAWN CRYSTAL (MAR170959)
Remastered Variant by DAVE COCKRUM (MAR170963)
Phoenix Mille Variant by DAVE WILLIAMS (MAR170964)
FOC – 04/10/17, On-Sale – 05/03/17

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