Top Cow Takes Sci-Fi OGN Golgotha To Kickstarter

by Staff

In celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary, Top Cow are heading to Kickstarter to fund the 128 page graphic novel Golgotha by Matt Hawkins, Bryan Edward Hill, Yuki Saeki, and Bryan Valenza.

According to Top Cow, Golgotha was a mission planned for mankind’s first off-world colony. The crew expected to wake up on an alien and empty world, but they find instead that another mission arrived while they were in cryosleep and things are far different from what they expected. The crew, including Captain Michael Lawton, are now “relics of the past” and not needed by the future. The colony they have discovered has “secrets and sins”, and everyone will become part of the atonement for human failures that await discovery off-world.

It’s a haunting and evocative idea–that a crew setting out with good intentions could wind up facing the failures of another mission far in their own future. And the title–Golgotha--which was the Biblical place of crucifixion in the New Testament, suggests that this is going to be a price paid in blood, and some degree of suffering for all involved.
Here’s more information about the creative team:

The team have already created a lot of interior art for us to see:

Kickstarter rewards include a signed trade paperback and digital copies of the OGN, thank you credits, stickers featuring other Top Cow titles, a button set featuring Top Cow characters, and Artist and Writer tiers also include scripts, concept art, outlines, and more.
The campaign for the Golgotha OGN is live, now, and runs until Saturday, May 6th, which is also Free Comic Book Day!

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