Unboxing Funko’s Disney Treasures Box – All The Swag In ‘Pirates Cove 2017’

by Staff

Arriving in a treasure chest, Funko’s first Disney Treasures subscription box prompts plenty of anticipation. That’s a very clever use of packaging to make customers feel that what they are receiving is particularly mysterious and desirable–and the entire year’s theme is, in part, built around the idea of a journey around an island. So in more ways than one, this box’s theme–Pirates Cove 2017— is the beginning of this year-long collector’s journey from Funko and Disney.

Inside the box, the packaging is decorated with travel themes and stamps, and an exclusive “Captain Hook” patch and box-specific pin start things off.
The map printed on the inner flap of the box is significant–it charts the “location” of the other box themes this year as we move around the island’s coasts counter-clockwise. The next theme, for instance, will be “Festival of Friends”.
Included in the box is a treasure-map themed guide to the box’s contents with “Insider Notes” exclusive to the box, trivia related to the items in question. Also teasers, like the fact that the full collection of this year’s patches will fit together around a central, mysterious patch to form a greater pattern and meaning.

The back of the map teases the upcoming journey into future box themes, and June’s box, “Festival of Friends” has an outline of Dumbo and a Big Top insignia.

Also included, an exclusive sticker, as appears on the outside of the box:

As you open the box, you get a glimpse of the contents, which are very collector-driven, but also quite whimsical and fun:

We have an exclusive from Dorbz Ridez, a format that’s becoming increasingly popular for exclusives, this time with the captain of the Wicked Wench and his pirate ship, from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Next, an exclusive Funko POP vinyl of the character Smee from the animated film Peter Pan, companion to Captain Hook.

Lastly, we have a special Pirates of the Caribbean tin, which contains a blind-box character, who turns out to be Captain Jack Sparrow. These tins are an exclusive feature of the Disney Treasures boxes, according to the map.

An information card greets the customer for this first box in the series, and explains the journey coming up this year. It also reinforces the sense you’ll get from the box that it has been very carefully planned with a thematic elements linking the boxes together and bringing together high quality contents. It relates that Disney and Funko have been working on this Disney Treasures plan for a year, and also gives a hint of what could be coming up in terms of box themes in the future: Classic Disney, Pixar, and Disney Theme Parks.

All in all, a very impressive debut from Funko and Disney. Having such a strong theme and an interlinked design for the whole year makes the experience feel participatory, almost game-like, and builds up anticipation for future boxes. The contents are high-quality, even including a special format just for these boxes–the collector blind-box tin.
There’s a whole demographic of collectors who will feel more represented by this box, who may be less interested (or even just as interested, but for different reasons) in the Marvel Collector Corp or DC-themed boxes. It’s also something that can be shared generationally as it arrives in the mail, and could get young kids just as excited as adults in the process of unboxing.
Find out more about Disney Treasures and upcoming boxes from Funko right here.
Here’s the adorable trailer for Pirates Cove 2017:

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