Mike Richardson And Paul Chadwick Team Up For OGN Best Wishes

by Staff


During C2E2 over the weekend, Dark Horse announced that Dark Horse’s own Mike Richardson (Star Wars: Crimson Empire, 47 Ronin, Echoes) and Eisner Award–winning writer/artist Paul Chadwick (Concrete, The World Below, Gifts of the Night) will be collaborating on an original graphic novel, Best Wishes. This marks Chadwick’s first work in comics since 2013, and is a story about intertwining lives.

Dark Horse describes Best Wishes thus:

When two strangers cast coins into a Central Park fountain, their dreams and desires become magically intertwined. Cal wants fame and respect and Mary craves true love from her pro-quarterback boyfriend, but destiny weaves a tangled fabric. Best Wishes is a Woody Allen-esque tale of New York, meme madness, fame’s price, and secrets of the heart.

Best Wishes arrives in shops on November 8, 2017, and is available for preorder at Amazon.

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