Surgeon X Is Coming To Trade And Releases A Digital Special, ‘Trial And Error’

by Staff

The Image Comics-published series Surgeon X, edited by Karen Berger, is coming to trade as Surgeon X Vol 1: The Path of Most Resistance on May 2nd, and was released in digital format this week, on April 26th.
At 200 pages, it collects six issues of the comic, written by Sara Kenney, a documentary, factual drama and animation filmmaker (Angels and Ghosts, BBC, Channel 4, Discovery) with art by the late John Watkiss (Sandman, Conan, Deadman). This makes up a complete story arc of the medical thriller and not only is this John Watkiss’ last published work, the book will also feature his original charcoal development drawings.

The first arc of the series was funded by Wellcome Trust, a charitable foundation dedicated to improving health and supporting the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.
Here’s a description of the first arc:
Set against the backdrop of a medical apocalypse in near-future London, Kenney weaves a story of ordinary people from all walks of life striving to survive in a society constantly threatened by ever-looming disease and a government headed by the Lionheart Party.
It’s the year 2036 and there are great futuristic advancements available in medicine and surgery, yet a simple infection can kill. Rosa Scott, a brilliant and obsessive surgeon becomes Surgeon X, a vigilante doctor who uses experimental surgery and black market drugs to treat patients. As Surgeon X, Rosa develops a godlike-complex, deciding who will live and who will die. Risking everything to save lives, she believes that to survive in this compromised world her own moral code is the one she must follow, ultimately warping her Hippocratic Oath to suit her own decisions—even if it endangers those closest to her.
As well as launching the collected edition, Surgeon X has announced that an all-new story has been released this week digitally, set in the Surgeon X universe, called “Surgeon X Special: Trial and Error“. It’s a color, 10 page story available for $.99 by Sara Kenny with art and cover by Warren Pleece.

This is a “standalone story set in Bristol, England in 2037”, introduces Sun Walker and asks how far you would go to save someone you love who is dying. Rosa Scott sets out to help her cousin, Sun, as a chemical scientist “with a risky plan that could kill or cure”.
Funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the digital comic is available only on comiXology and Kindle.
The Surgeon X comic series is heavily researched, and draws on “hundreds of conversations with scientists, physicians, historians, economists, ethicists & philosophers”, according to the creative team.
You can pre-order the trade of Surgeon X Vol. 1: The Path of Most Resistance, right here.

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