Anatomy Of A Murder – Watch Riverdale’s Episode 12 Extended Promo

by Staff

It appears that a big old frameup for Jughead’s dad is underway after the police search of his trailer in episode 11 of Riverdale. As if the show couldn’t get any more intense, episode 11 neatly intercut Archie and Veronica’s performance of “Kids in America” with the dramatic search and seizure that leaves Jughead’s father in jail.
And Betty and Archie are the only real witnesses who can attest that it’s a set up, of course, having previously rummaged through the trailer, behind Jughead’s back.
But that’s not all we’re dealing with in episode 12 this week. It looks like the whole gang are about to see something they can’t unsee.
Tune in to the CW on Thursday night, May 4th, at 9/8c for this powder keg of an episode, “Anatomy of a Murder”:

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