Cooking, Crime, And Bad Decisions – Sebela, Kambadais, Atlansky Are Crowdfunding Short Order Crooks

by Staff

A five issue comic about cooking, crime, food carts, and bad decisions is currently funding on Kickstarter, written by Chris Sebela (Welcome Back, High Crimes, Injustice: Gods Among Us),  with artist by George Kambadais (Grave Lilies, The Double Life of Miranda Turner) and colors by Lesley Atlansky (Kid Sherlock, Team Spirit, Baroque Pop Anthology, High Crimes), the comic was originally conceived of by Sebela and Kelly Sue DeConnick in 2010, and due to projects getting in the way, she’s given her blessing for Sebela and co. to move forward on the comic.

The series already has a remarkable amount of interior art to show for the campaign, and the first issue would be slated to arrive in June, showing how far along in the process of production the team already are.
Here’s a rather extensive synopsis of what we can expect from the comic:
Rockwell Granger isn’t exactly a bad guy. On the wrong side of 40 after turfing out of the military, he’s drifted from town to town and a series of dead-end kitchen jobs and quasi-legal freelance work. But his longtime dream of owning his own restaurant has finally come true, back in his hometown of Portland. Rock should be happier than ever, but the reality of his dream has a nasty habit of dragging him down. His customers are uncultured savages, he’s not making enough money to pay back his loan sharks and they’re forcing him to do something morally iffy or they’ll take his truck. And possibly his thumbs. 
Harper Marbury isn’t exactly a thief. She works half a dozen side hustles to pay her rent at the Split Apple Co-Op Loft where she shares overcrowded floorspace with dozens of spare changers, young families, traveling musicians, burnouts and scam artists. Developing a love of cooking by throwing the random ingredients found in the Co-Op’s fridge every day together to feed her roommates, Harper’s been nurturing a dream of what she could do in a real kitchen, with real ingredients. When she breaks into Rock’s truck, mostly it’s to get out of the rain, but when he doesn’t show up, she opens up for business. Just to try it out. Just to see what it’s like to cook in a real kitchen, with real ingredients.
When Rock busts Harper, he hires her on instead of kicking her to the curb, inducting her into the arcane rituals of food cart society, a land where every cart collective is a gang vying for territory and rivalries are resolved with food truck duels rolling down the middle of Hawthorne with baseball bats. While Harper learns the ropes, Rock begins his job for the Bardems, searching for the identity of a rogue food truck operator who’s invading the Bardem’s territories. Together with Harper, as his conscience and helping hand, they’ll navigate a world of secret menus, food pirates, culinary femme fatales, curmudgeonly dads, shadowy figures, creeps, foodies and 5 star ratings, trying to uncover the secret before the Bardems burn Rock’s world down.
And here’s a remarkably extensive preview:

This project is entirely creator-owned and the money from the campaign will go toward paying the artist and colorist for all 120 pages of the 5 issues of the comic. Rewards including digital copies, print copies, a “secret menu” of background material and process material on the comic, variant covers, bookmarks, prints, pins, and more.
The campaign for Short Order Crooks is underway now, and runs until June 1st. In just the first couple days of the campaign, they’ve already raised more than half their goal, so get on board while you can and be part of what looks to be a funny, visually compelling, and winningly indie project.
You can also check out the video for this campaign:

Find out more about Short Order Crooks right here on their Kickstarter page.

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