Alex de Campi And Victor Santos Team Up For Cuban Mob Tale Bad Girls From Gallery 13

by Staff

Gallery 13, Simon & Schuster’s comics imprint recently published Jeff Lemire’s original graphic novel, Roughneck, and one of their upcoming OGNs will be Bad Girls from Alex de Campi and Victor Santos. As initially revealed on the Paste Magazine website, and later making its way through social media, de Campi and Santos’ new book will focus on three female characters fleeing Cuba on the eve of the Cuban Revolution on the last day of 1958. These ‘bad girls’ are making off with a pot of mob cash and heading for the Caribbean.
Alex de Campi’s work in noir and action comics includes the recent Mayday from Image Comics and the upcoming Bankshot comic with ChrisCross from Dark Horse. Santos is known for his work in the mobster vein, with his Polar series of graphic novels from Dark Horse, and his recent success with Violent Love from Image.

de Campi says on her Tumblr page:

The book is a sexy, violent heist story that takes place from sunset to sunrise on the night of December 31, 1958 in Cuba: the night Batista fled, Castro won the country, and the era of the great US mob casinos ended. As you might guess from the title, the main characters are all women: a jazz singer, a gangster’s girlfriend, and a mambo queen… plus an 18-year-old American wannabe actress who just wants to get to the party where Marlon Brando is.

The team up has a great deal of promise, but we’ll have to wait until Fall of 2018 for the result. It’ll be worth the wait, based on the previous work of these two heavy-hitters in comics.

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