Action Lab’s Medieval Heist Comic Returns With Ruin Of Thieves: A Brigands Story

by Staff

The first volume of Action Lab’s series Brigands has reached a collection, and is currently in shops. Along with this milestone, Action Lab have announced that the series will see a sequel in late 2017 in the form of a new story arc called Ruin of Thieves: A Brigands Story.

The first arc followed a “rat-pack of medieval conmen, thieves, cut-throats, hasbeens and never-will-bes who are planning the heist of their lives”. The second arc, like the first, will be written by Ram V, but will contain artwork by Sumit Kumar, colors by ROSH, and letters by Aditya Bidikar.

Here’s an official description of the new storyline:
Our band of con men, cat-burglars, cut-throats and conjurers have arrived on foreign shores to steal The Myros Pendulum. The Myros comet has set the sky ablaze and the world beneath awaits like tinder to a wayward spark. War is on the horizon, rebellion and treachery brewing beneath. Our Brigands will need every bit of their skill, wit and luck to come out unscathed on the other side. But ask any rogue and they’ll tell you, the only constant to luck is that it is bound to change.
And here’s a look at the interior art on Ruin of Thieves: A Brigands Story:

Look out for updates on Ruin of Thieves: A Brigands Story, from Action Lab.

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