The Classic Beatles And Superhero Adult Coloring Books Of BookExpo

by Staff

Adult coloring books have been the rage for book publishers for at least three years now, and even though there’s been talk of when that bubble will burst, there’s still a large presence for them at BookExpo and BookCon this week and weekend in New York.

One publisher, Parragon, is certainly all-in with the coloring books, making sure to toe that line between adult coloring books and proficient youth coloring books that may further boost sales if the adult coloring market ever shows signs of trailing off.
Their massive Beatles: Yellow Submarine display, also sporting vinyl TITANS Beatles collectibles by Titan Merchandise alongside their books was hard to miss:

And then their superhero lines of DC coloring books were not only rather classic and appealing, but heralded a new arrival–Justice League later in the year:

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