Exploring Character Tradition – Unboxing Disney Treasures:

by Staff

In April, a new Funko box arrived in the homes of collectors–the Disney Treasures box focusing on Disney-themed Funko products, particularly POP vinyls. The first box’s theme, “Pirate’s Cove”, was delightful and seemed to really be received well by subscribers. The second box in the series has now arrived, themed as “Festival of Friends“.
For many Disney fans, this box will key into traditions and core Disney themes even more directly than the last box, however exciting a pirate focus may be.

You can gauge that fact clearly just by looking at the patch and pin in this box–bringing us Piglet from the Winnie the Poo property and Thumper from one of Disney’s most iconic early films, Bambi. Both of these characters are devoted sidekicks, friends to main characters.

The theme continues in inventive ways inside the box, with three collectible exclusives, including the tin format tied to theme park history which debuted in the last box.

First up, we have Dumbo with Timothy, his little friend, but it’s actually a Dumbo modeled on the exact theme park ride format you may recognize rather than on the animated film, making it extra special. The box is also structured in an extra-wide way to incorporate the shape of the ride with Dumbo’s flying ears.

Next up we have Pluto, the first Pluto to ever be made by Funko, and Mickey Mouse’s best friend. What’s interesting about Pluto is that he also represents an early incarnation of the character, which is evident in his bright yellow coloring, rather than the more muted gold color you might associate with Pluto.

Lastly, our theme-park tin contains a mini-figure of Woody from A Toy Story, but his design is based on the first Toy Story theme park experience rather than the films. He’s frankly adorable and can be displayed or stored in his attractive tin.

As in the past box, this Disney Treasures installments contains a lot of information on its “map” including factoids that explain the choices and development behind this box’s theme and sculpts. We also get clues of how the box’s patches work together, and of course, we can guess what’s coming up based on the map on the reverse side. These activities are great for involving kids in the “journey” the box’s themes are making and the friends they’ll meet along the way.

The “Festival of Friends” box taps into Disney tradition in a very clear and distinctive ways for fans, and also looks back at the history of the theme parks in an interesting mode. It focuses more on character than adventure, but that’s bound to hit a sweet spot for real Disney fans. And the quality of the products in this box, as in the last one, is very high, and feels boutique in construction because of the carefully planned presentation and packaging.
The next Disney Treasures box is themed “Tiny Town” and seems to be represented by Tinker Bell, so we may see a focus on the smaller members of our Disney traditions, another fun idea to look forward to.

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