Timed To Marvel Legacy, Marvel Previews Catalog Will Now Be Free For Retailers And Fans

by Staff


Marvel Comics have announced a big change to the way in which they distribute their Previews catalog each month. Instead of being included in the purchase of the larger Diamond Previews catalog, it’s going to be available for absolutely free, not only to retailers but to fans shopping in their LCS.
Marvel say: “This is a unique endeavor that Marvel is proud to initiate, providing participating retailers with the best way to sell comics and providing fans with the best way to know what’s coming up!”
This move is tied to the release of Marvel Legacy. The publisher is eager to make sure fans can follow along as they unveil their “biggest stories and most epic characters, while returning long-running titles to their classic legacy numbering”. By using the free catalog, fans will be able to see each month’s title releases, including variants, solicits, trade paperbacks, merchandise, and more.
Marvel are working with local comic shops to make this possible and ensure that readers have an “entry point” to Marvel Legacy. 
A free copy of Marvel’s September Previews is available as of Wednesday, June 28th, and and Marvel’s October Previews catalog will be available July 26 at participating comic shops.

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