Alex Hirsch Says A Gravity Falls Graphic Novel Is In The Works

by Hannah Means Shannon

Several months ago, Alex Hirsch, creator of the cult-favorite Disney XD cartoon Gravity Falls, tweeted a request for recommendations of comic artists who could draw in the style of the series. Today, he tweeted a confirmation that a graphic novel written by himself, with a yet to be announced artist (or group of artists) was in the works.

No publisher has been announced, though its likely that IDW or Joebooks or heck, maybe Marvel may make some sort of announcement at SDCC. The promotional art in the tweet was done by kiki-kit from Tumblr, presumably implying that they are working on the graphic novel, but not confirming. (Just doing a cover? Is it an anthology? SO MANY MYSTERIES!)
Gravity Falls was an acclaimed series that followed one summer in the lives of twins Mabel and Dipper Pine in the haunted and bizarre town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. It ended after two seasons on Disney XD, and managed to gain an adult fan base with clever comedy and deep mysteries. The show also was very fond of puzzles and ciphers, culminating in an ARG that had fans all over the world trying to locate a statue. It was pretty awesome.
Whether the graphic novel will be set during the series and expand what we already know, or be set after the series finale is unclear, though Hirsch’s tweet did imply that headcanons will be ruined, so some degree of new information about this fantastic world is coming. And I can’t wait.
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