Is Now The Time For A Female James Bond?

by Olly MacNamee

Nicola Scott’s Jane Bond?

Is the world ready for a female Bond after the announcement of the first female Doctor Who on Sunday?
According to W Magazine, the answer is most definitely ‘yes’. And, they’ve looked no further than Charlie Theron who, in her new action blockbuster Atomic Blonde, seems to serve up the requisite kick-assing as well as playfully sending up her male counterpart as she orders her own trademark-in-the-making Stoli on the rocks and brings home a girl. I think it helps that Theron is of Amazonian abilities, as we saw in Mad Max: Fury Road, more than a match for any man. She already has form. And, if the trailer for Atomic Blonde is an indication of her action chops, she looks like she would be at the head of any line for the role.
Katherine Cusumano, in her W magazine article makes a compelling case for Theron, rightfully pointing to her Oscar success with Monster, in which she was unrecognizable as serial killer, Aileen Wuornos, and also points to a career in playing ‘fearless women’.

Theron herself seems equally fearless: Once an aspiring dancer but sidelined by a knee injury at 18, she still embraces the physical challenges of her parts. She performed many of her own stunts in 2000’s Reindeer Games, much to the chagrin of her stunt double. (“My stunt girl hates me,” Theron told EW in 2000, “because we’d fly her out and then I’d be like, ‘Let me do it.’”)

You can read the whole article here, sporting a rather stunning mock up poster by Nicola Scott (Wonder Woman).
She’s certainly got my vote!

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