American Horror Story Vinyl TITANS Are On The Way With Tiny Lethal Accessories

by Hannah Means Shannon

Titan Merchandise have announced a new upcoming line of vinyl TITANS in 3″ blind box format: the denizens of a “haunted hotel built by a serial killer, a coven of witches with unthinkable powers, a mental asylum run by lunatics and a carnival freak show like no other”.

Titan Entertainment have partnered with 20th Century Fox to present “the most twisted, iconic characters from the first six seasons of Brad Falchuk & Ryan Murphy’s beautifully-twisted TV epic, American Horror Story”.
In the collection, you’ll find the drilldo-wielding Addiction Demon, the terrifying Pigman, the murderous Butcher and three of the most memorable freaks from Season Four’s Freak Show.
Each figure is 3” blind-boxed–and some of them come with “an awesomely-lethal character-specific accessory”.
Plus: 4 rare chase figures (and one super-rare–and even one ultra-rare–chase figure) for fans to track down and collect.
The American Horror Story line will arrive in January 2018.

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