‘Put Your Space Suits On’ – Generation Gone #1 Goes Back To Print

by Hannah Means Shannon

Generation Gone launched the week of SDCC ’17 to a fair amount of critical attention, and Image have announced that the first issue is going back to print.
Written by Aleš Kot with art by André Lima Araújo, the series is set in 2020 and features a group of millennial hackers who feel they have a right to some dosh and “nothing to lose”. But they’re big job is being led by a “secretive scientist” and they may not have the full story on getting “superpowers” they “never asked for”.

Kot says:

We are honored and grateful for the way Generation Gone #1 connected with readers and retailers alike, and can’t wait to see yet more come on board. The second issue brings some very big action beats—so put your space-suits on, because we’re going all the way to the Sun.

Generation Gone #1, 2nd printing (Diamond Code JUN178446), GENERATION GONE #2 Cover A (Diamond Code JUN170753), and Generation Gone #2 Cover B Hickman variant (Diamond Code MAY178626) will be available on Wednesday, August 23rd. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, July 31st.

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