The Revival Of Joe Simon’s Fighting American: Variant Covers And Interior Art Revealed

by Olly MacNamee


As many of us will be aware, it’s Jack Kirby’s centenary year this year, and it would have been his birthday this month. But, in October it would have been Joe Simon’s birthday too, the co-creator of Fighting American, which Titan Comics are reviving, as previously announced, and releasing on what would have been his birthday, October 11th.

As you can see from the first look at interior pages by Duke Mighten​, the duo of Fighting American and Speedboy are ​mysteriously ​transported to the​ modern​ world of 2017 – a far cry from the Cold War era they ​lived in. How will they handle what society has become? And what new dangers will this bring?
Titan Comics have just released the first four pages of interior art unlettered from issue #1, as well as some of the rather spiffy covers too. Have a gander and see what you think. That Blair Shedd Action Figure variant looks great. But then, action figures are cool, right?
Cover A: Terry and Rachel Dodson 
Cover B: Art Baltazar 
Cover C: Jack Kirby 
Cover D: Duke Mighten 
Cover E: Blair Shedd Action Figure Variant
Fighting American #1 is out October 11th, 2017 from Titan comics. It is written by Gordon Rennie with art by Duke Mighten.

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