The Summer of Scout Continues With Firewater About A Dark Chapter In American History

by James Ferguson

Scout Comics has been announcing new titles every week all summer. We are now in the seventh week with one more to go. This week’s announcement is Firewater by Ken Kristensen and M.K. Perker. The crime series is inspired from one of the darkest chapters of American criminal history.

Firewater focuses on the FBI’s first deep-cover investigation, looking into a genocidal conspiracy perpetrated by some of the most powerful people and most notorious outlaws in Oklahoma in the 1920s. The Osage were the richest people on the planet thanks to the largest oil field in the world that was discovered on their reservation. This served as the setting for a criminal playground due to its “sovereign nation” status. State cops had no jurisdiction there. Every type of criminal flocked there, from kidnappers and drug dealers to bootleggers and con artists, because it was generating billions of dollars. Learn how these people went from the wealthiest to the most murdered.
Writer Ken Kristensen says:

Terrorizing and murdering Indians – let’s face it – was a disgustingly profitable business for centuries. But never more disgusting or more profitable than during what was called the Osage Reign of Terror. This series is a dramatic interpretation of that long period of horror and the epic struggle to bring justice to one of the most corrupt places on earth. I have unique connection to this story because my wife and son are Osage.

He went on to say:

This story is as relevant today as when it happened. This singular time and place was a heightened microcosm of America’s social schism — income inequality, ethnic persecution, racism, gender inequality, institutional corruption, and environmental issues. It was a reflection of the nation’s material success and spiritual failure.

Firewater sounds like an amazing read in the same vein as Scalped. No official release date has been set for Firewater #1, however Scout Comics has confirmed that it will feature the above variant cover by Taylan Kurtulus.

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