Grass Kings Launches A New Story Arc Following A Bloody Conflict

by Hannah Means Shannon

Grass Kings #6 is actually the start of a new story arc as well as being in part, a conclusion to the escalating conflict of the first five issues. The all-out war we’ve seen exploding across the pages of issue #5 batters its way through the first part of issue #6, but also yields to that secondary plot-line we’ve been wondering about: is there really a serial killer working his or her way through the Grass Kingdom?
Written by Matt Kindt and illustrated artfully by Tyler Jenkins, Grass Kings has never been more of a meditation on the nature of human conflict than in issues #5 and #6, but it looks like things might get more specific about human darkness with that serial killer plot.
Here are our covers for Grass Kings #6:

And here’s our look at this pivotal issue in Grass Kings, arriving in comic shops on August 9th, 2017:

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