Tell Your Local Comic Shop You Want To Learn Your ABCs With Mouse Guard

by Christine Marie Attardo

Looking for a cool collector’s item? How about a new way to teach your kids their ABC’s? From Archaia, September 12th brings the release of the Mouse Guard Alphabet Bookwritten by David Petersen with art by Serena Malyon. Petersen writes alphabetic poems throughout the book that I can’t wait to see!
Here is some more information about the release from Archaia:

Learn the ABCs in the world of David Petersen’s Mouse Guard where brave mice protect one another from predators large and small, explore the expansive nature around them, and thrive in harsh conditions. It’s a world with rich culture and stalwart friendships, worth exploring one letter at a time.

There isn’t much time left to get your orders in. David Petersen tweeted:

I think this is going to be worth telling your local comic book store! For more information, head on over to Petersen’s website. He recently shared a blog post about the book revealing some more details:

The illustrations look stunning! I think this would make for a great coffee table book too. The Mouse Guard Alphabet Book releases September 12th, 2017.
Christine Marie Attardo is a 28 year old writer, poet, and all around creative human. She loves all things nerdy and Gail Simone related. When she’s not writing, you can find her nose in a book or her face glued to her computer screen playing video games. Chat with her on Twitter @AWritersWay. 

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