Possible Weddings And Definite Old Flames For The Arrowverse And Riverdale

by Erik Amaya

“Romance is in the air” for The CW’s comic book adaptations.
That phrase, uttered by The CW president Mark Pedowitz during a conversation about the Arrowverse autumn crossover at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, led The Hollywood Reporter to indulge in some speculation: suggesting the four-show event will feature a wedding. As they note, executive producer Marc Guggenheim referred to the story as more personal than last year’s alien invasion storyline. The site goes as far to suggest a double wedding with The Flash‘s Barry & Iris getting hitched at the same time as Arrow‘s Oliver Queen & Felicity.
Which is where I part ways with the speculation. Could Barry & Iris finally walk down the aisle during the crossover? Sure. That actually makes sense and could easily mirror the greatest wedding ever depicted in comics: the guest-star studded nuptials of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. Unseen fights could be taking place during the ceremony with plenty of time for Leonard Snart to show up with a surprise gift of dubious origins. But Felicity and Ollie have a much longer way to go before considering marriage again. Even with the customary six-month gap between seasons, Arrow is a show about people crippled by survivor’s guilt. And now that both them are (presumably) survivors of Lian Yu, I’d be surprised to see them engaged for a second time so quickly.
Then again, surviving exploding islands does drive people together in TV dramas.
On the flip side, that six months between seasons should be a wedge between Barry and Iris. She cannot be happy that he chucked everything to be one with the Speed Force. Although, Iris is often the victim of the show’s writers, so one can imagine her forgiving Barry very quickly. In fact, the wedding has been delayed so often that it might be time to just get it over with.
But speaking of wedges, one is coming to Riverdale in the form of Veronica’s former flame from New York, Nick St. Clair. According to Entertainment Weekly he will played by The Good Wife‘s Graham Phillips. Originally a biker in the Betty & Veronica Double Digest comic series, executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said his TV counterpart will be “a hard-partying Lothario with dark desires and an unchecked sense of privilege.” Currently, the character is scheduled for a two-episode story. But considering his origins as a biker, you have to wonder if he’ll have dealings with the Southside Serpents.
Arrow, The Flash and Riverdale return in October.

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