Glorious Ornate Steampunk – Return Of The Dapper Men Deluxe Edition Arrives This Month

by Hannah Means Shannon

Top Shelf’s much-anticipated Deluxe Edition of the award-winning title The Return of The Dapper Men is going to be shipping in August and is currently available for pre-order. The gorgeous steampunk folk-tale has been expanded and remastered for this new edition and paves the way for new Dapper Men stories to come from Top Shelf at IDW.

When we caught up with the Dapper Men team in their panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, they had the following to say about their new book:
Jim McCann and Janet Lee spoke about Return of the Dapper Men and Lee explained her process of making comics by decoupage. The books that follow in the series will also be in this style. McCann has known Lee for almost 25 years, and he knew her as a gallery artist in Nashville and having seen some of her very different pieces one year around Christmas, he was enamored of some “dapper men” he saw, some steam punk elements, and more. He went home and wrote a narrative connecting the images. Later he asked if she might be willing to work on a graphic novel, which she had never done before.
In the story, one of stopped time, main characters meet up with an invading Dapper Man who can speak, unlike his fellows, and begin to learn about time. It’s also a story of “choice and destiny”, McCann said. It was an Eisner Award-winning book when it was first released, and was out of print for a time, but Top Shelf have picked it up and also will allow McCann and Lee to finish the story in a trilogy. Time of the Dapper Men will be out “in the near future” since it’s “under construction now”. Return of the Dapper Men will also be re-published in a deluxe edition.
Here’s a sneak peek at some of the art in the new edition of the book:

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