Two Worlds, Dirty Magic, And Parentage – Namesake By Steve Orlando And Jakub Rebelka

by Hannah Means Shannon

The beautiful, strange, progressive fantasy/sci-fi series Namesake is being collected in softcover, arriving this week from Boom! Studios and it’s your chance to explore this world for the first time, or in a new format that really highlights the strength of the artwork and the chapter-like composition of the story.

Written by Steve Orlando, and illustrated by Jakub Rebelka, Namesake really answers that need from readers to discover something different in comics that’s off the beaten path of repetitive storytelling we may find out there.
In Namesake, two planets overlap dimensionally every seven years and beings can cross between them–Earth and Ektae. Ektae runs on magical principles, and plenty has leaked into Earth via this exchange, but “dirty magic” is also on the rise. Our lead character is a product of both worlds who needs to seek out the truth of his parentage to fully understand the tragic aspects of his life while deciding what he stands for.
Namesake is a remarkable artistic achievement, at times looking much like art nouveau, stained glass, or graffiti art in a unique comic style, and it’s also an intriguing story which hits emotional notes you won’t see coming.
Here’s an extended look at the book, which arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, August 16th:

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