Deconstructing Comics #562: More Minneapolis Comic Creators With Christopher Jones And Lucid

by Hannah Means Shannon welcomes back the Deconstructing Comics Podcast this week as they talk with more Minneapolis comic creators about their work:
Chris Jones and Lucid
More Minneapolis comics creators!

Christopher Jones has done a variety of work for DC Comics (including The Batman Strikes and one story in Batman ’66) and other animation adaptations), a few things for Marvel, and Dr. Who comics for Titan. How did he break in, and why is so much of his work of a more “cartoony” nature?
Lucid is making her living from crowdfunding in support of her webcomic, Avialae, a “boy’s love” story with an emphasis on consensual couplings. She talks about how “living the dream” can sometimes be a double-edged sword.

Listen up below!

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