#WakeUpAndDraw For Jack Kirby’s Centenary!

by Olly MacNamee


As is the norm on Jack Kirby’s birthday, artists across the worlds wake up and draw one of their favourite Jack Kirby creations. So, to mark this particularly special day–Kirby’s centenary–I thought I’d bring some of these wonderful tributes together from across various social media in one place and under one roof. Can’t think of a better use of my Bank Holiday Monday after all.
And, as per usual, the 100 artists chosen (although far more will be participating simply to mark the day) will donate their sketches to The Hero Initiative and thereby support other comic book creators in need via their follow-up auction. The artists include Joe Sinnott, Phil Hester (doing his usual 100 sketches-in-a-day marathon which you should really check on via his Twitter account across the day), Chris Samnee and many, many more. 98 more to be precise.
And, as promised, here’s but a few of the sketches you’ll be seeing today if you watch the web.
Happy Birthday, Jack! Here’s you!

Ty Templeton: Darkseid

Just some of the sketches Phil Hester will be completing for The King’s centenary

Kevin Maguire: Space Phantom

Mike Perkins: Medusa

Ron Chan: Cap and Bucky

Chris Samnee: Captain America

Darrick Robertson: The Thing

Craig Roussea: Sandman

Jesse Hamm: Marvel Girl

Todd Nauck: Medusa

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