The Ultimate Penultimate Issue! Space Riders: Galaxy Of Brutality Returns This Week

by Hannah Means Shannon

Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality is back to electrify your brains with strange, gloriously colored comic art by Alexis Ziritt, and a story that only the caffeine-turbo-charged Fabian Rangel Jr. could write.

Issue #3 of 4 is our penultimate issue, and that means ramping things up in terms of story structure, building toward some extreme developments. It’s “Space God Monster versus Space God Monster” and also “The One True God of Evil” in this issue, ready to doom the galaxies by bringing about the “Age of the Abyss”.
Who can stop this ultimate doom? Black Mask Studios says, “You know damn well who, the SPACE RIDERS!!”
On that note, here’s our preview of the awesomeness:

Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality #3 lands in shops this Wednesday, August 30th, 2017.

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