Gumby’s Historic Reunion With 60’s Rocker Paul In This Week’s Comic

by Hannah Means Shannon

Papercutz has been bringing back the beloved character Gumby to comics and they’ve announced that in the newest issue of the comic, which arrived this week in shops, the character Paul appears to commemorate their 50th anniversary of friendship.

In the story “The Sour Note!,” Paul visits the United States to see his old friend Gumby Here, the 60s rocker, Paul has a “signature haircut with his everlasting message of peace pinned to his paisley lapel.
Paul may be reminiscent of a certain 60’s icon with the same name, but he’s actually Paul Plunk, who first appeared in “Piano Rolling Blues” in December 27, 1967 (which can be seen here: and on The Adventures of Gumby: The 60s Series Volume 2 DVD).

This reunion story, “The Sour Note!,” is written and illustrated by Mike Kazaleh, features Gumby, joined by other Clokey creations, Henry and Rodgy. Gumby’s band, “The Clayboys,” also make a cameo appearance in the issue’s other story “All That Nin-Jazz,” where Gumby and Pokey attempt to become “stealthy ninjas”.
If these details don’t make you want to buy this comic, you have no heart for little claymation friends.
Check out this preview, too:

Gumby #2 is currently in comic shops from Papercutz.

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