It’s Megan Charpentier Join Locke And Key Pilot

by Erik Amaya


Locke and Key is looking a whole lot like It.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, that film’s Megan Charpentier will play Kinsey Locke in the upcoming Hulu pilot directed by It director Andy Muschietti. She joins her It costar Jackson Robert Scott as part of a family uprooted to a small Maine town following the death of their father. In that new home, the children discover magical keys and doors granting them fantastic powers. Frances O’Connor will play their mother Nina.
Based on the IDW comic book by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, the Hulu pilot represents the second attempt to bring the series to television. The first starred The Lord of the Rings‘ Miranda Otto as Nina, Sarah Bolger as Kinsey and Jesse McCartney as older son Tyler in a 2010 pilot for FOX. The network ultimately passed on the series, but the pilot haunts the doorways of the internet.
Now with half of the family cast, it remains to be seen if Muschietti’s It cast will yield a new Tyler, uncle Duncan or father Rendell; who, at least in the book, often appears in flashbacks to the family’s life in San Francisco.
Should Hulu pick up this version, Lost‘s Carlton Cuse will also serve as showrunner, suggesting much of the title’s magic and flashbacks will be preserved.

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