Who Will Be The New Guardian Of The Galaxy?

by Hannah Means Shannon

A new member of the Guardians of the Galaxy is being added and will be debuting in All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #12. Marvel are teasing that it’s a “he” and that he’s “one of Marvel’s best-loved heroes”.
In issue #12, the Guardians have been up to “wacky big adventures” doing the bidding of the Grand Master, but now they are preparing for their arc in the Legacy series titles “The Infinity Quest” and they are going to have to team up with the Nova Corp “as well as one ex-Avenger” to do their job of keeping the galaxy safe.
In a series that’s been consistently entertaining, occasionally quite tearful, and always strong on the art, I’m looking forward to seeing where this is heading.
Editor Jordan D. White reveals:

We’re excited to have an Avenger joining the ranks of the Guardians…or is it the Nova Corps? Or both? Oh, you’ll see. Just know, he beat out some stiff competition, as you can tell by that cover of issue #12!

This is the cover, where five Marvel characters appear as a hint:

I would love for the addition to be Man-Thing, but I doubt that’s on the cards. Doctor Strange would be fun, too.
All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #12 arrives in comic shops on  October 18th, 2017.
Here’s our order information:
Art and Cover by ROD REIS
FOC – 9/25/17, On-Sale – 10/18/17

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