Time Gets Awkward In Legends Of Tomorrow Preview

by Erik Amaya

In a recent Legends of Tomorrow season three teaser, the team discover they’ve broke time (again) and must work to repair it (again). But with Julius Caesar harshing Mick’s Aruba vacation, dinosaurs loose in Central City and Ray in handcuffs, things are about to get awkward (again).

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but I’m glad the show found its creative footing. The first season was just so rough with a DOA villain and a few members of the team who just didn’t work. Those elements disappeared in the second season; adding a trio of watchable villains in the form of John Barrowman, Neal McDonough and Matt Letscher as the Legion of Doom. The show also introduced the telegenic pair of Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Nick Zano as a WWII-era Vixen and bumbling archeologist Nate Heywood — a sometimes couple who both integrated into the Legends far better than the Hawks did in the first season.
The show also found a brand of humor not available to other CW superhero shows. Hopefully, it will continue tapping that well, and able performers, to maintain its status as the lightest and funniest of the DC television programs.
Legends of Tomorrow returns October 10th on The CW.

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